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Software development tools & services

This is the comprehensive list of industry programming tools and services we currently offer at LCP. If the IT service you are looking for is not mentioned below please contact us with your enquiry. Very often we are able to provide suitable solution and quote it according to your requirements within 1 to 3 business days.

Database development using following Database Management Systems:

MS SQL Server 2012/2016 for corporate-wide client-server and web applications
Oracle and SyBase Sql Server for banking, security and mission critical software
MS Access 2000/2003 for small and medium size office applications on PC
FileMaker Pro for small and medium size office applications on Macintosh

Software development using following programming languages:

Python 3.6 or higher for web/mobile and desktop back-end applications
JavaScript {JQuery/Ajax, HTML5/CSS3, W3C} for web and mobile front-end applications
Visual Basic 5.0 or higher for client-server and desktop applications
C++ for real-time and mission critical software
ASP, ASP.NET, VB.NET with MS VisualStudio for advanced network applications
VBA (Visual Basic for Application) for office applications: Excel, Word, Access

Solution services using following tools and technologies:

XML, CSS, JavaScript, DHTML for dynamic data rich web developments
SOAP and REST protocols within e-commerce/inventory product developments
Crystal Reports with 2D/3D Charting for custom reporting and statistical data visualization
Data migration and processing (import/export, database upsizing, optimisation)

If you would like to share your thoughts about the solution for your company, arrange free consultation or find out about your application development cost, please contact us here or call the number(s) above.

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