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How do I build applications?

Find this simple roadmap among different framework tools, programming languages and suites I use. From analytical to production stage below are the core components in my toolbox. These however do not exhaust the entire list in my arsenal which simply goes beyond the scope of this page, so feel free to ask for a particular toolset that suit your project.

Analytical and Modelling

Python with NumPy + PySci suite are set as the core framework for evaluating ideas, conceptual modelling. These allow to leverage fast prototyping via compehensive data manipulation and stricly scientific programming.

Jupyter framework complements R&D programming, allowing code sharing and rapid pararell execution without 3-rd party software dependencies.

MSSQL Server database managment systems facilitates a bigger datasets requiring robust indexing, allowing decent query execution and access times.

I also support other industry standard frameworks for colaboration and model testing such as:

  • Visual Studio {.NET C# VB} for OS specific solutions
  • R language {Data Engineering}
  • JavaScript {JQuery/Ajax, HTML5/CSS3 following W3C standards} for fast async responsive front-end web/mobile prototyping.

  • Design & Documentation

    Universal UML methodology standardizes design process and document the core appication model entities, processes following object oriented routines.

    I utilise AngularJS as a robust JavaScript framework where one is able to define and map a structure of any type of applications's front and back-end components rapidly.


    I deploy your application with an exact choice of frameworks and languages suitable for the objective.

    Framework {Language}Application
    Django {Python}Network/Web, Mobile, Desktop
    Flask {Python}Web/Server APIs
    Express/Node.js {JavaScript}Web APIs, Microservice APIs
    MS SQL {T-SQL}Data products, data driven, data APIs
    Elasticsearch {Python}Value extration, big data driven, complex query/search driven
    Visual Studio .NET {C#,VB}Windows OS solutions: Web, Mobile, Desktop
    AngularJS {JavaScript} Blockchain, Web, Mobile, 3D
    Thomson Reuters Eikon Data APIs, Media APIs
    Java SE {Java} Real Time Client/Server

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