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Application Model

Below Client-SQLServer application model suits ideally most companies' information storage and exchange requirements.
It features:

Multiuser environment, i.e. data can be input, shared and viewed between many users eliminating data duplication and queueing.
Stronger security due to centralization of data sources.
Data access from any location around the world and at any time.
Data output in form of custom reports in any format (pdf, word, excel, web document, crystal reports).
Easy to maintain as database (sql server) is an independent entity to the interface which access/output data (client)

Data Input (figures, text)

MS Access form for data input VB or Access
IE Web Browser form for data input Web Browser

Data input from any place any time using flexible well known user friendly VB Access or web browser forms.

data input

SQL database for centralized data storage and backup SQLServer

data output
Data Output (reports)

generates report as word document Word generates report in pdf document Pdf
generate report as excel spreadsheet Excel generates report as web html document Web Document

Data output generates custom reports, inc. charts, tables, other statistics. in well known cross compatible formats.

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