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I'm IT consultant, software engineer and web developer with 15 years of experience in the range of fintech, commerce and media industry fields. Having background in IT security and secure software development, I'm big fan of technology integration, temper proof microservice architecture and cryptographically secure decentralised ecosystems.

I design and build applications utilising industry leading frameworks delivering reliable, cross platform, user friendly product experience whilst ensuring top performance, security and scalability within its life-cycle.

I have a unique project history in fintech domain, evidence-based research, simulations, predictive modelling, risk modelling and investable index implementations and calculation. For these disciplines I employ fields of data science leveraging data engineered deep learning frameworks when challenging model complexities.

I'm also keen web/mobile application developer utilising modern web frameworks with full stack programming, allowing for the smooth integration across back-end data driven parts and presentation front-end layer.

fintech analyst in london
Jan-Erik Skoglund
London, UK
+44 (0)7834 179460

I am a fintech specialist with focus on complex portfolio optimisation, algorithmic portfolio construction, alpha generation strategies, API execution, robo-advice and indexing.

  • Wide use of Monte Carlo simulations and stochastic modelling relevant for portfolio robustness tests and client analytics.
  • Deep interest and practical engagement in emerging technologies.
  • Strong supporter of process decentralisation and agency risk reduction.
  • High theoretical and applied competence in derivatives and structured finance.
  • Over 20 years of investment experience within fund of hedge funds, managed account ventures, index engineering and start-ups.
  • Strong practical foundation in regulatory and compliance related matters.
I like out-the-box thinking, finding new solutions to old problems within financial technologies and beyond. Science-minded and creative.
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