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Build quality

I build my apps with the respect of their life-cycle, thus focus on the following qualities:

Security (industry standard data exchange and cryptography)
Scalability (async. microservice models)
Seamless Interoperability (flexible API for different types of com and data exchange)
Adaptability (cross-platform, cross-browser, multi format, cross-framework/language)
Continuous Development (debug, update, upgrade cycle)

Domains & Competences

I assist in the process of evaluation and implementation of automated asset allocation strategies and portfolio delivery. My expertise is derived from years of evidence-based research, modelling and implementation of data driven investment portfolio strategies in the alternative investment space.


Innovative active investment strategies with high transparency, liquidity and low cost
Trading execution platforms via APIs
Core competences in quantitative methods, risk management and portfolio construction
Strategy index solutions available for replication
Proprietary models ready to be sourced directly into existing investment processes
Asset selection and de-selection working across equities (regions, sectors), commodities, bonds (duration) and FX
Risk budgeting, extreme tail-risk modelling
Risk management models for a non-normal "fat-tailed" world
Non-subjective investment strategies / behavioural investing

I have a qualified access to information platforms and frameworks which identify, process and analyse complex data structures across global markets and industries. These frameworks run text based searches, form complex queries on very large datasets and generate the results in seconds making extracting value information a reality.


Value extractionAvailability services
Statistical analysisInformation sampling
Pattern analysisPredictive modelling
Behavioural analyticsBig Data analytics

I build cross-browser/cross-device compatible, responsive, user-friendly, data driven front-ends. These are intergated with fast and scalable back-end middleware components delivering seamlessly from across variety of network sources.


Data driven front-endsTransactional/commerce apps
Microservice back-endsWeb APIs
Async. modelsRT apps {websockets/streaming}
Middleware comsResponsive GUIs

I model and deliver high-performance/high availability applications that optimise execution times and deliver the results under stringent timing constraints in a continuously rigorous schedule.


Web/Mobile data forms/chartingAvailability services
NodeJS/RealtimeJS/WebsocketLatency models
Congestion modelsSmart caching
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