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Following actions describe a typical full scale application development framework whereas smaller scale apps may require less steps focusing on rapid production.

MeetDiscuss idea
Produce materialsConcept planning, case studies
AnalyseFeasibility study / Modelling
DesignDefine model framework {entities/objects, processes, persistance}
ImplementCode with a dedicated framework(s)/ language(s)
Maintain life cycleDocument > Debug > Update > Upgrade

Rapid Production

In real world many developments such as mobile and web apps require dedicated, concise frameworks allowing rapid production and precise timscales. The exact choice of programming tools is a key to achieve scalable, quality solution with moderate time-cost ratio.
Rapid modelling and implementation framework should link modules, share code and resources and test the application in multi user/developer environment.

These are major frameworks I engage for various application models.

Framework {Language}App Model
Django {Python}Rapid conceptual, scientific modelling, feasibility study (data driven analytics, predictive science, optimisation)
Express.js/ Node.js {Javascript}Fast network API prototyping (microservice middleware, distributed business coms)
AngularJS {Javascript}Web/mobile data driven front-end mapping (database forms, data driven GUIs)
Visual Studio .NET {C#, ASP}Web/mobile/console apps prototyping (front-end, middleware, distributed services)

Application architecture

Below chart presents typical modern app middleware microservice model adopting real app requirements. Application API should provide various type of client front-end agents the independent, transparent, secure and scalable access across many distributed sources.

RT Web
(req. res.) A
(req. res.) B
Patform I/O
(req. res.) C
API (REST / Sockets / Stream)

Cloud Service
DB cluster
Media Server
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