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I implement applications with an exact choice of frameworks and languages suitable for the objective. Modern network, data driven, web and mobile apps are often delivered as many interconnected microservices and coded with a mix of full stack frameworks and languages listed in the table below.

Framework {Language}Application
Django {Python}Scientific, Data driven, Network, Web, Mobile, Coms
Flask {Python}Web/Server APIs
Express/Node.js {JavaScript}Web APIs, RT Microservice APIs, Distributed service
MS SQL {T-SQL}Data products, data driven, data APIs
Elasticsearch {Python}Value extraction, big data analytics, complex textual query/search driven
Visual Studio .NET {C#,VB}Win Web/Desktop, iOS/Android/Win Mobile
AngularJS {JavaScript}Web/Mobile data driven, GUI/3D, Data forms
Thomson Reuters EikonData APIs, Media APIs
Java SE {Java}Real Time Client-Server
and more{ask for specific toolset}
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